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Rapids FM Is a Namibian owned Commercial Broadcasting Radio station that is based in Rundu, the Capital town of the Kavango Regions. It is at the Centre of Kavango East and Kavango West Regions. This radio station broadcasts to a diverse listenership of youth, the young and old. Rapids FM is uniquely positioned in the sense that it effectively broadcasts in all languages spoken in both Kavango Regions.

Since both the Kavango and Zambezi regions in which Rapids FM is licensed to broadcast are border towns and hence accommodate a good number of people from their neighboring countries, the station also prides itself as a SADC station. In view of its SADC characteristic, Rapids FM also broadcasts in Portuguese and Nyemba; languages endemic in the Kavango Regions.

The local languages covered by Rapids FM in the Kavango Regions are; Rukwangari, Thimbukushu, Gciriku, Rumanyo and Mbunza.

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Breakfast show, Morning Announcements, Community Development Stories, Call in program , The Agricultural corner, Late Night Show with a themed Top 10 (Rhythm & blues) and many more ...
Breakfast show, Morning Announcements, Topics & news on Health, Youth Corner , News, economics current affairs, sports, Business corner, Late Night Show with a themed Top 10 (Country music) and many more ...
Breakfast show, Morning Announcements, Sports, Career Guidance , Health corner, “Who we are”, Late Night Show with a themed Top 10 (Reggae Shack) and many more ...
Breakfast show, Morning Announcements, Education, Educational Matters , Environmental corner, Late Night Show with a themed Top 10 (Folk music corner) and many more ...
Breakfast show, Morning Announcements, Life skills & Domestic Issues, Gender issues corner, Personality profile, Late Night Show with a themed Top 10 (Weekend jams) and many more ...
Good morning Kavango Breakfast Show, Call in Programme, Shop with Rapids FM, People’s Choice, Top 10 Kavango Hit Songs, Entertainment, Dancehall, House Music and many more ...
Good morning Kavango Breakfast spiritual show, Gospel Namibia, Country and Western, Personality of the week, Sport live commentary, Rundu Local Gospel, Namibian Music and many more ...
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Rapid FM Launche!!!
Rapids FM, a Namibian owned Commercial Broadcasting Radio station started broadcasting live on air Tuesday the 10th may 2016, we are based in Rundu at no 423, Haingura Mise Street, Nkarapamwe/Katutura officially launched  on  1 December 2017  by the minister of information and
communication technology. Honourable Tjekero Tweya and Inaugurated on the 3 rd of October 2017, By Dr . Ambassador Samuel Kaveto Mbambo, The Governor of Kavango East Region.